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VTPBIS Annual Forum (Virtual) – October 7, 2021

Please click on the links below to access materials for each workshop – make sure to keep checking back as materials will be continuously updated through October 7th


Opening Remarks 2021

2021 VTPBIS Annual Report

2021-2022 PD Calendar


PBIS: The Next Generation…Establishing Equitable Practices in a New Era – Kent McIntosh, Co-Director, National PBIS Center

Morning Workshops:

A. CANCELLED! – Introduction to PBIS – Presenters: VTPBIS State Team Members  

B. CANCELLED! – VTPBIS Coordinators Learning and Networking Session (offered in the morning and afternoon) – Presenters: Representatives from the VTPBIS State Team

C. Enhancing PBIS in a New Era – Presenter: Rebecca Lallier, VTPBIS Coach/Trainer

D. Discussing Race, Racism, and Current Events with Students and Staff – Presenter: Kent McIntosh, Co-Director, National PBIS Center

E. Circles of Support: A Restorative Approach to Staff Wellness – Presenter: Jon Kidde, VTPBIS Coach/Trainer

F. Enhancing your PBIS Implementation through an Interconnected Systems Framework – Presenter: Ami Flammini, LCSW, Technical Assistance & Training Director, Midwest PBIS Network

G. Engaging All Families in School-Wide PBIS – Presenters: Lauralee Keach, VTPBIS Coach/Trainer; and Abby Hill-Armell, Behavior Facilitator at Orchard School

H. Universal Screening for Behavior and Implications for Interventions – Presenters: Kym Asam, VTPBIS Coach/Trainer; and Catrina DiNapoli, Assistant Superintendent, Mount Abe Union Supervisory District and members of the MAUSD Social Emotional Learning Team


(Optional) Ignite Sessions or Team Time:

  • Rule 4500 and New AOE GuidancePresenter: Tracy Harris
  • SWIS Q & APresenter: Amy Wheeler-Sutton
  • Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS)Presenter: Sherry Schoenberg
  • Restorative Approaches Networking – Do you feel alone in your implementation work with restorative approaches? Please come and chat with others who are at various stages of implementation. We will discuss universal classroom circles, targeted responses to harm as well as intense restorative approaches for students who are not connecting. Belonging is part of an equitable access to education. Let’s talk about it. If we have time, (and it is important) let’s talk about school climate among not only students, but particularly among staff and administration. – Presenter: Susan Cherry


Afternoon Workshops Sessions:

I. Facilitating Impactful Staff Meetings That Create Community and Build Resilience – Presenter: Rick Dustin-Eichler, Principal, Dothan Brook School

J. VTPBIS Coordinators Learning and Networking Session – Presenters: Representatives from the VTPBIS State Team

K. CANCELLED! – Exploring an Effective PBIS Leadership Team Process for Examining Equity Data – Presenters: Amanda Babcock, VTPBIS State Team; and the JFK PBIS Leadership Team

L. CANCELLED! – VT Classroom Behavior Practice Coach (CBPC) “Back to Basics” Booster – Presenters: Brandi Simonsen, Co-Director, National PBIS Center; and Lauralee Keach, VTPBIS Coach/Trainer 

M. CANCELLED! – Conducting FBAs/BSPs with a Restorative Lens – Presenters: Jon Kidde & Jeremy Tretiak, VTPBIS Trainers/Coaches

N. Beyond Collaboration: Integrating Mental Health into PBIS Schools – Presenter: Amy Irish, MA, BCBA, LBA-VT  School-Based Behavior Consultation Team, Team Leader, Northwestern Counseling & Support Services

O. Engaging Elementary School Students in Data-Driven Action to Create Positive School Climate – Presenters: Ana Lindert-Boyes, UP for Learning Youth Program Specialist , Christie Howell, UP for Learning Program Associate, Sharon Koller, UP for Learning Getting to ‘Y’ Coordinator, Bailey Hier, Middletown Springs Elementary School Youth Facilitator, Chayse Newell, Hardwick Elementary School Youth Facilitator, and Logan Cane, Hardwick Elementary School Youth Facilitator.

P. Expanding your Inventory of Tier II Supports – Presenters: Kristin Beswick and Cassandra Townshend, VTPBIS Trainers/Coaches

Q. How Best to Use Your Expertise and Relationship to Engage in an Education Support Team (EST) – Presenters: Tracy Watterson and Tom Faris, Vermont Agency of Education