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Core Constructs of Equity 

The Core Constructs of Educational Equity listed below were developed by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (Keyser & Skelton, 2019). 

Additional PBIS-related equity resources can be found at the VTPBIS Equity Resources page.


Core Constructs of Equity

All students have entrance into, involvement with, and full benefit of quality learning opportunities. (Paris, 2012)

Having presence in decision-making and content. (Mulligan and Kozleski, 2009)

Meaningful Participation 
All students have agency and are empowered to contribute in effectual ways. (Fraser, 1998)

High Outcomes 
Solutions benefit all students towards self-determination and the ability to act as contributing citizens in a democratic society and global community. (Waitoller & Kozleski, 2013)