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VTPBIS Supervisory Union/Supervisory District (SU/SD) Coordinators

The SU/SD Coordinator plays a key role in implementing and sustaining PBIS and is the primary contact person for all PBIS schools in the SU/SD. Successful and sustained PBIS implementation is critically dependent on support and guidance from the office of the SU/SD and role of the SU/SD Coordinator. Specific functions include:

  • As member of the SU/SD Leadership Team, the SU/SD Coordinator develops and follows a long-range (3-5 year) plan for implementation of PBIS with specific goals and strategies that are aligned with other SU/SD and school initiatives;
  • Facilitates communications with State TAs and VTPBIS Coaches;
  • Ensures implementation readiness and ongoing fidelity of implementation;
  • Identifies and secures needed resources;
  • Participates in relevant PBIS trainings;
  • Attends the schools’ PBIS Leadership Team meetings a few times during the school-year; and
  • Conducts fidelity of implementation measures and assist schools with other PBIS data tools (training to be provided).

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the VTPBIS SU/SD Coordinator, please see the Coordinator Handbook.