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Materials for the 2018 BEST/MTSS Summer Institute

General Materials:



2018 Opening Remarks

Monday – Kevin Feldman – Literate Student Engagement in EVERY Classroom, EVERY Lesson, EVERY Day!

Tuesday – Kent McIntosh – Sailing Toward Sustainability by Integrating Social and Academic Systems


Strand A: VTPBIS Universal Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand B: VTPBIS Targeted Training Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand C: VTPBIS Intensive Training CANCELLED

Strand D: Refresher in VTPBIS Features – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand E: Improving Academic Literacy Across the Grades and Content Areas by Creating a School Culture of “Public Practice” with Actionable Feedback for ALL Teachers – Presenter: Kevin Feldman

Strand F: Foundations and Implementation – Presenter: Annie O’Shaughnessy


Strand G: Deepening and Expanding Restorative Practices within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports Presenters: Jon Kidde and VTPBIS Trainer

Strand H: Optimizing Your Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to Achieve Better Outcomes for All StudentsPresenter: Tracy Watterson


Strand Materials:

Strand I: Creating Trauma Informed School CommunitiesPresenter: Joelle van Lent

Strand J: Strategies and Tools for Effective and Efficint Collaborative Planning and Co-Teaching CANCELLED

Strand K: Social-Emotional Learning within a Multi-Tiered System of Support – Presenter: Rebecca Lallier

Strand L: Creating a Positive and Proactive Classroom to Support ALL Learners – Presenter: Brandi Simonsen

Strand M: Developing Social Skills and Mindfulness-based Practices to Promote Engaged Learners – Presenter: Rhiannon M. Kim

Strand N: Using Data for Decision-Making within a PBIS Framework  (for Teams Only!)Presenters: Adam Feinstein and Susannah Everett

Strand O: De-Escalation and Relationship BuildingCANCELLED



B. Understanding and Addressing Anxiety in the Classroom: Strategies to Fister Increased Social and Academic Success – Kym Asam

C. Setting Students Up for Sucess: Overview of Proactive Classroom Practices to Support and Respond to Student Behavior – Brandi Simonsen

D. UP for Learning: Fostering a Growth Mindset for Educators and Students with M3:Mindset, Metacognition, and Motivation – Bruce Perlow

E.  Bullying Prevention Curriculum in a PBIS Framework – Deb Smith and Melissa Hoyer

F. Exploring Wraparound as a Tier 3 Intervention for Students with Complex Needs – Sherry Schoenberg

G. Systems and Structures for Sustainable PBIS Implementation – Rick Dustin-Eichler

H. What’s New in the MTSS Field Guide – Marge Lipson and Meagan Roy

I. Improving Student Outcomes Through Evidence-Based Practices – M.C. Moran

J. A Case for Resilience: Understanding the Opiate Crisis Through the Lens of Prevention – Christine Lloyd-Newberry and Maria Sanderson, with an Introduction by Jolinda LeClair

K. Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) for people working with PBIS schoolsCANCELLED

L. Include! disability Studies for K-12 Classrooms – CANCELLED

M. Getting Creative with School and Mental Health Partnerships – Amy Irish, Heidi Otterman, and H. Angharad

N. Introduction to the Restorative Classroom – Annie O’Shaughnessy & Jessica Villeneuve
O. Reinvigorating Your Educational Support Team – Tom Faris

P. Design a Lesson Given Practical UDL Strategies in 90 Minutes – Jackie Feiss, Lisa Woodward, and Mary Ellen Seaver-Reid

Q. Everything you Always Wanted to Know about PBIS APPS – CANCELLED