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Materials for the 2020 BEST/VTmtss Summer Institute

General Materials:

Special Activities:

Tuesday: Virtual Yoga (register here): 4:45 – 5:45 p.m.

Wednesday: Virtual Trivia Night (register here): 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Throughout the Week: We will be utilizing the app “GooseChase” to complete virtual missions. Top scoring teams will win bragging rights and a decorative banner to welcome everyone back to school. To get a head start, you can download the app on your phone here.


2020 Opening Remarks

Remarks by Governor Scott

Monday – Jon Kidde and Joelle van Lent – Building a Runway for Resilience: Using an MTSS Framework to Align Restorative Approaches and Trauma-Responsive Schools
Tuesday – Rosemarie Allen – Exploring Implicit Bias for a Compassionate Understanding of all Students


Strand A: VTPBIS Universal Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers 

Strand B: VTPBIS Targeted Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand C: VTPBIS Intensive Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand D: Refresher in VTPBIS Features – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand E: Local Comprehensive Assessments Systems in Personalized, Proficiency-Based Education  – Presenters: Pat Fitzsimmons, Maggie Carrera-Bly, Emily Leute, Sigrid Olson, and Julia Scheier


Strand F: Using your Educational Support Team to Build Collaborative Capacity – Presenters: Caitlin Chisholm and Tom Faris


Strand G: Deepening and Expanding Restorative Approaches within a Mulit-Tiered System of Supports – Presenter: Jon Kidde 

Strand H: Restorative Approaches Foundations and Implementation – Presenter: Annie O’Shaughnessy with Guest Speaker Chris Palmer


Strand I: Helping All Students and Adults Thrive in the Classroom: Positive and Proactive Classroom Supports – Presenter Brandi Simonsen


Strand J: Creating Trauma Responsive School Communities and Fostering Resilience – Presenter: Joelle van Lent

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  • National Scientific Council on the Developing Child. (2018). Understanding Motivation: Building the Brain Architecture That Supports Learning, Health, and Community Participation: Working Paper No. 14. Retrieved from
  • Presentation and related resources (google folder)


Strand K (CANCELLED): Building and Sustaining Equity Practices in Schools – Presenter: Rhiannon Kim


Strand L (CANCELLED): Youth Mental Health First Aid and Understanding Compassion Fatigue – Presenter: Lance Metayer


Strand M: Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) – Presenter: Kym Asam, Kelly Perales, and Ami Flammini



Workshops – Wed:



Workshop B (Exploratory): Creating “Break Spaces” for Wellness and Social Regulation – Presenters: Elizabeth Brisson and Leila McVeigh


Workshop C (Advanced): Universal Screening for Behavior and Implications for Interventions – Presenter: Nick DeVita


Workshop D (Informational/Exploratory): Using Data for Decision Making within a PBIS Framework – Presenters: Sherry Schoenberg and Amy Wheeler-Sutton


Workshop E (Advanced): Trauma-Informed Behavior Support Plans – Presenters: Kym Asam and Lauralee Keach


Workshop F (Extension of Strand): Expanding Your Universe of Targeted Supports – Presenters: Rebecca Lallier and Kristin Beswick


Workshop G (Wellness): Examining Food and Nutrition Through a Trauma-Sensitive Lens – Presenters: Tracy Binet-Perrin and Leeanne Hadsel



Workshop H (Exploratory): PBIS Implementation Strategies for Middle and High Schools: It Can Happen More than Once in a Blue Moon! – Presenters: Bonnie Poe and Jeremy Tretiak


Workshop I (Exploratory): “Respect”: What Does it Mean, Anyway? – Presenter: Annie O’Shaughnessy


Workshop J (Exploratory): Family Engagement – Partnership and Empowerment – Presenter: Nancy Hellen



Workshops – Thurs:

Workshop K (Wellness): Mindfulness Practices for Educators – Presenter: Rhiannon Kim


Workshop L (Informational): Act 173 of 2018: Systems Levers and Action Steps – Presenter: Meg Porcella


Workshop M (Exploratory): Supporting Students with Disabilities with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports – Presenter: Brandi Simonsen and Bob Putnam


Workshop N (Advanced): When the Stars (Initiatives) Align, School is a Brighter Place – Presenters: Lauralee Keach, Megan Goyet, and Lisa Rundle


Workshop O (Exploratory): Function-Based Thinking as a Method for Understanding and Responding to Problem Behavior – Presenter: Jeremy Tretiak



Workshop P (Exploratory): Orienting Schools to Restorative Approaches – Presenter: Jon Kidde


Workshop Q (Exploratory): Using Relationship as a Therapeutic Intervention – Presenter: Lance Metayer


Workshop R (Exploratory): Avoiding the “Black Hole” when Teaming – Presenters: Bonnie Poe and Kristin Beswick


Workshop S (Exploratory): Increasing Staff Buy-in for New Initiatives – Presenter: Annie O’Shaughnessy


Workshop T (Exploratory): From Chaos to the Cosmos: Building an Interconnected Systems Framework that Integrates Mental Health and PBIS – Presenters: Sherry Schoenberg and Kym Asam