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Example School PBIS Website (Dothan Brook)

Example School Targeted Team Action Plan (Dothan Brook)

Example School Intensive Team Action Plan (Dothan Brook)

“Opening Ceremony” video for Road to Acceptance Wildcat Olympic Games PBIS Booster (SATEC)

Courageous Classrooms: Skill of the Week

Using RC/DD Language & PBIS Expectations to Acknowledge our Students

Shelburne Bus Training

Shelburne Bus Ticket

Highgate’s PBIS and Restorative Practices: Why Implement Them Together?

Swanton School’s PBIS Handbook 18-19

Fletcher Blog: Setting the Stage in Fletcher: Benjamin Franklin, PBIS, and those Pesky Coals

SATEC PBIS Staff Handbook

The Allen Brook School Parent’s Guide to PBIS

The Allen Brook School Parent’s Guide to “Check In Check Out

VTPBIS Action Plan for Sustainability

Blog about Celebrations from Fletcher

Ideas for Celebrations Brainstormed by Vermont PBIS Schools

How Fletcher reviewed school-wide expectations: Commercials designed by grades 5/6

PBIS Vacation Letter to Parents – Fletcher Elementary School

Middle School Examples:

Northfield Middle/High School:

Roll-Out Videos:

Lesson Plans:

Family Engagement/PBIS at Home:

Middle School PBIS website (including Parent Brochure and PBIS at Home)


Teacher Intervention Ideas:


From December Newsletter 2014:

From December Newsletter 2013:

Union Elementary Stop and Think and Reflection Forms

From January Newsletter 2013:

Orleans Southwest Student Support Team Referral Form

From October Newsletter 2012:

Orleans Elementary School PBIS Parent Survey

From MAY Newsletter 2012:

Be a STAR: Adult Communication Matrix – Hinesburg Community School

From APRIL Newsletter 2012:

Little League Adopts PBIS (doc)

Check out this “sweet” PBIS celebration from Richmond Elementary School publicized recently in the Burlington Free Press:

From MARCH Newsletter 2012:

Check out this great Data Guide “Cheat Sheet for hypothesis development and problem solving developed by Susan Barrett from Maryland! Find out how the state of Missouri has organized planning through this colorful PBIS Calendar! The Burlington School District has created a similar calendar as well.

From FEBRUARY Newsletter 2012:

Vergennes High School’s Expectations – Graphic Artist Renditions (pdf)

Milton Elementary – new ODR form for minors (doc)

Williston Central School put together their best celebration of the year! (video)