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Thank you for your interest in PBIS!  Please follow these steps to learn more about PBIS in Vermont.

STEP 1: Learn More – Explore one or more of the following methods to learn about PBIS

  • Identify an exploration team, including an SU/District point of contact, building principal and other school personnel to:
  • You may also contact your VTPBIS State TA.
    • The VTPBIS Technical Assistance Person is a representative of the State VTPBIS Team who is available to help schools navigate the process of preparing for VTPBIS School-Wide Implementation. You may contact the VTPBIS TA Person to seek assistance with the following:
      • Understanding which VTPBIS trainings and workshops to attend
      • Completing of the VTPBIS Readiness Checklist (included in the Intent to Implement Application)
      • Linking with other schools in Vermont who have implemented PBIS
      • Planning the VTPBIS presentation to school faculty and staff
      • Understanding and using the pre-implementation VTPBIS data tools (School-wide Evaluation Tool; Self-Assessment Survey, etc.)
      • …and More!!!
        • Once a school team has attended the VTPBIS Leadership Team training, coaching supports will be available to SU/Districts to provide more direct support and consultation around VTPBIS Implementation.
      • Download the Regional Map (pdf) to find your State TA contact information.

STEP 2: Get Started

STEP 3: Complete Readiness Activities

STEP 4: Coordinator Orientation Webinar – Online Training

STEP 5: First Steps to Implementation – Online Training

  • As a leadership team, complete the VTPBIS First Steps to Implementation online module series. The links to these modules will be sent to you after we receive your Intent to Implement Application.
  • Register and pay for your team to attend one of the Universal Trainings if you haven’t already done so; See Step 7.

STEP 6: VTPBIS Baseline Evaluations

  • Complete your School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) prior to attendance at the training;
  • Prepare your school staff to complete the online Self-Assessment Survey (SAS). You will be receiving your school’s account number and instructions for completing this survey.

STEP 7: Universal Leadership Team Training

STEP 8: Universal Learning Series – Recommended Professional Learning

For additional Professional Learning Opportunities, please visit the Professional Development Calendar or contact your SU/SD Coordinator, Coach or State TA!