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Materials for the 2022 BEST/VTmtss Summer Institute

General Materials & Information:


Special Activities:

Monday Morning: Various special activities available for “ease-in time” (i.e., yoga, hike, adult coloring, and more)

Monday: Meet, Greet & Eat!

Tuesday & Wednesday: Bookseller

Tuesday: 4:00 – 6:00, Film Screening: Bess O’Brien – The Listen Up Musical

Wednesday: Water Workout

Wednesday: Trivia Night



Monday – Joelle van LentReclaiming Our Connection to Hope and Inspiration as We Close out the School Year

Tuesday – Dr. Sharla Horton-Williams and Dr. Toni Harrison-KellyMake School Magical Again



Strand B – VTPBIS Targeted Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand C – VTPBIS Intensive Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand D – Refreshing, Enhancing, and Deepening Universal PBIS Training – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand E – Expanding and Enhancing Targeted Interventions for Social and Academic Success – Presenters: VTPBIS State Trainers

Strand G – The More You Feel It, The Better You Teach It – Presenter: Ali Hearn

  • Slideshow Presentation Available after the Strand


Strand L – Fostering Resilience to Address Stress, Adversity, and Trauma Presenter: Joelle van Lent

Strand M – Creating Safe and Nurturing Classroom Environments Presenter: Brandi Simonsen



Presenter: Annie O’Shaughnessy

Presenter: Carolyn Tatlock


Presenter: Rebecca Lallier

Presenter: Evan Sivo 

Presenter: Sherry Schoenberg and Amy Wheeler-Sutton

Presenter: Howard Moody

Presenter: Brandi Simonsen

Presenter: Tom Faris

Presenter: Nancy Hellen

Presenter: Audrey Richardson