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Chantelle Albin

Chantelle is a school counselor for a pre-k – 6th grade elementary school. She has a Masters in Education with a school counseling endorsement and has been working with children ages 5-17 for the last 15 years in residential and public school settings. Chantelle has a passion for assisting schools in developing the PBIS framework with fidelity and in using data to make and support decisions. 

Areas of Expertise:

Systems of Support, challenging behavior, behavior planning, PBIS implementation at Tier 1, implementation fidelity, SWIS, classroom management, trauma-informed practices, social skills instruction with Second Step.

Preferred Regions: Southern VT

Phone: 802.258.8978

E-mail: [email protected]

Kym Asam

Kym was the Regional Director of Schools and Clinical Programming for NFI Vermont. She has practiced as a licensed independent clinical social worker since 1992 and in addition to direct work with clients, providing clinical supervision to multiple staff and consultation to schools on complicated emotional/behavioral student needs, Kym has conducted numerous trainings for school personnel, both in and out of the state of Vermont.

Areas of Expertise:

Developmental trauma, clinical programming for schools, training and consultation on multiple clinical topics, PBIS coaching and training

Preferred Regions: Champlain, Northeast, Lamoille

Phone: 802.343.3511

E-mail: [email protected]

Amanda Babcock

Amanda has worked as a Special Educator and Behavior Coach for 22 years. She is currently the PBIS Coordinator, Behavior Coach, and coordinator of JFK’s Student Support Room. She has advocated for and supported some of the most challenging students to become successful by coordinating with teams to complete simple Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavior Support Plans, and Crisis Plans.

Areas of Expertise:

SWIS, SWIS-CICO, I-SWIS, PBIS implementation, FBA/BSP, writing Crisis Plans, using various data sources to make support and planning decisions

Preferred Regions: Northwest Vermont (Franklin County and Grand Isle), Chittenden County

Phone: 802.316.7106

E-mail: [email protected]

Lauralee Keach

Lauralee has been working with children with a range of needs, including developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, for the past 20 years.  Since returning to Vermont in 2003, Lauralee has worked as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst consulting to regional school districts, and currently is a member of the South Burlington School District’s Interdisciplinary Team, which provides behavior, psychological and communication consultation services to students and school teams. Lauralee’s education includes a BA in Psychology and a M.Ed in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Areas of Expertise:

Applied Behavior Analysis, FBA/BSP, PBIS systems, Data analysis, Staff training

Preferred Regions: Champlain, Addison, Lamoille

Phone: 802.652.7147

E-mail: [email protected]

Jon Kidde

Jon has been exploring the concepts of restorative justice (RJ) for 20 years and has played a critical role in the conceptualization, application, and enhancement of restorative justice within different contexts—education, justice, and within organizations in several states. Jon is currently an independent consultant focused on restorative justice and school discipline & juvenile justice reform living in Vermont. Jon received an MSW degree from the School of Social Welfare at University of California – Berkeley. He co-authored Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools with Rita Alfred during the initial implementation of RJ within Oakland Unified School District. He is a Certified Dialogue Education Teacher.

Areas of Expertise:

Whole-School Restorative Justice

Preferred Regions: Champlain, statewide

Phone: 802.349.3317

E-mail: [email protected]

Rebecca Lallier

Rebecca spent 11 years as PBIS coordinator at the Dothan Brook School, a nine-year exemplar school, navigating all aspects of PBIS from initial implementation through revitalization, full implementation at all three tiers, and continuous improvement. Rebecca has 23 years of experience as a school counselor and was the 2016 Vermont School Counselor of the Year and a 2017 National ASCA School Counselor of the Year finalist. She is passionate about the importance of building trust and relationships while helping schools and teams center equity for all students, build on strengths, and solve problems to increase fidelity of PBIS implementation.

Areas of Expertise:

PBIS implementation at all tiers; implementation fidelity, revitalization, and improvement; staff buy-in; SWIS; classroom management; trauma-informed practice; Social Skills instruction within MTSS; Second Step

Preferred Regions: Southeast, Northeast, Lamoille

Phone: 802.558.8791

E-mail: [email protected]

Sherry Schoenberg

Sherry is the retired director of the Vermont BEST Project, which provides training and technical assistance to help Vermont schools address the needs of students who are at risk of or who have emotional and behavioral challenges. A significant focus of the BEST Project is the planning and implementation of PBIS. Sherry is a VTPBIS trainer at all levels and has provided technical assistance on PBIS to Vermont schools since 2007. Areas of interest include systems development to support effective practices, integration of mental health within PBIS, and the efficient use of data for decision-making.

Areas of Expertise:

PBIS systems; data-based decision-making; mental health integration

Preferred Regions: All Regions

Phone: 802.371.7319

E-mail: [email protected]

Gregg Stoller

Gregg was most recently the district behavior coach for the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union (WSESU). He is a licensed school counselor (K-8), social worker and BCBA with over 30 years’ experience working in schools and mental health settings.  Gregg is a strong believer in inclusion for all students and was instrumental in the creation and oversite of the WSESU’s specialized inclusion programs (STEP).  As the chair of the district’s Social Emotional Academic Development committee, Gregg developed an expertise in the area of SEL assessment and spearheading SEL initiatives.  Gregg has been a PBIS coordinator and is trained as an instructional coach.  His passion is in providing training and coaching to educators with a focus on effectively addressing student behavior within the context of a trauma-informed approach.

Areas of Expertise:

Applied Behavior Analysis, FBA/BSP, PBIS Systems, Teacher Coaching, Social Emotional Learning, BCBA Supervision, Staff Training

Preferred Regions: Southern/Central Vermont

Phone: 802.258.0276

E-mail: [email protected]

Jeremy Tretiak

Jeremy has been working in education for 13 years. He started as a classroom teacher, before shifting to behavior support and consultation roles with children, families, and schools. He has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2015 and is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst in Vermont. He has spent much of his professional career training and supporting school staff in the theory and implementation of principles and practices of Applied Behavior Analysis and PBIS. Jeremy focuses on trauma-responsive practices and promotes the use of inclusive and restorative approaches. He is also a certified instructor for Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).

Areas of Expertise:

Applied Behavior Analysis, FBA/BSP, PBIS Systems, CPI (Non-violent crisis intervention)

Preferred Regions: Central & Champlain

Phone: 203.910.4088

E-mail: [email protected]