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  • Used to gather staff, family/caregiver, and older student input about social/emotional/behavioral strengths and needs about learning, belonging, and safety.
  • Questions can be adapted for younger students.
  • Questions can be used to guide circle/advisory/morning meeting discussions.
  • Survey items include:
    • What adult and student behaviors: 
      • make it EASIER for everyone to LEARN? 
      • make it HARDER for everyone to LEARN?
      • help EVERYONE feel like they BELONG and are welcome to speak up? 
      • make others feel like they DON’T BELONG and/or aren’t welcome to speak up?
      • help EVERYONE feel physically and emotionally SAFE?
      • make others feel physically and/or emotionally UNSAFE?
    • What do you want it to feel like (for yourself and others) at school? 

If you would like a Google Forms copy of the Stakeholder Survey, contact Amy Wheeler-Sutton at [email protected]