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VTPBIS schools are engaged in collecting data for decision-making about both fidelity of implementation and student outcomes. 

Team Initiated Problem-Solving (TIPS) is a research-based process to guide teams through high-quality decision-making to achieve better student outcomes. TIPS provides 1) a structured meeting process and 2) prompting questions to guide school teams through data-based decision-making and action planning.

For more information about Team-Initiated Problem-Solving (TIPS), please contact your VTPBIS State TA.

TIPS Problem-Solving Mantra:

  1. Do we have a problem? If so, what is the precise nature of our problem? (identify, define, clarify, confirm/disconfirm inferences)
  2. What is our goal? How will we know we’ve met our goal? (what data will we use?)
  3. Why does the problem exist, & what can we do about it? (hypothesis & solution)
  4. What are the actual elements of our plan? (action plan, including logistics)
  5. Is our plan being implemented with fidelity & is it working? (evaluate & revise plan)
  6. What next steps are needed?