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May 2019

January 2019

May 2018

General Session Materials:

  1. Integrating Restorative Practices in MTSS
  2. Classroom Practices
  3. Using Data for Decision Making (SWIS troubleshooting, paperless referrals, tracking positives)
  4. Preparing Data Presentations (for staff, students, families, school boards, etc.)
  5. Sustainability Strategies
  6. SU and School Coordinators
  7. Staff Acknowledgements
  8. Team Time (if you are coming with a team, this time is for you!)

January 2018

General Session Materials:

May 2017

General Session Materials:

Small Group Discussions:


Fidelity Assessments

Strengthening Leadership Teams

Student Data and SWIS

Trauma and PBIS

January 2017

May 2016

January 2016

Archived PowerPoints: