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  • June Training at the BEST/MTSS Summer Institute – Link for Details and Registration Available March 5

What is PBIS at the Targeted Level?

The Targeted Level of PBIS supports up to 15% of students in a school who could benefit from added supports beyond those available at the Universal Level. Targeted supports have the following features:

  • Continuously available
  • Quickly and easily accessible
  • Minimal time commitment required from teachers
  • Required skill sets can be easily learned
  • Aligned with school-wide expectations
  • All school personnel are aware of the interventions and their roles within the process
  • Consistently implemented with most students, but with some flexibility
  • Matched to the function of the student’s behavior

Implementation at the Targeted Level is likely to be more effective and efficient if Universal systems are implemented with high fidelity (at least 70% on Tier I of the TFI or 80% (Teaching Expectations)/80% (Overall Mean Score) on the post-implementation SET) to improve the accuracy with which teams identify and deliver appropriate levels of support to students (adapted from 

Getting Involved at the Targeted Level 

If you would like to attend the VTPBIS Targeted Leadership Team Training but have not completed your post-implementation SET please contact your SU/District Coordinator, Coach, or State TA to complete it as soon as possible. Once your SET is complete and you receive a score of 80/80 you’ll be eligible to register your team. 


  1. Completed school-wide Universal VTPBIS Implementation
  2. Received 80% (Teaching Expectations)/80% (Overall Mean Score) on Post-Implementation SET or a score of 70% on the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) within five months of attending the Targeted Training
  3. Identified a team to work on targeted supports

Steps to Implementation:

Please use this checklist to track completion of training and implementation readiness steps. This checklist needs to be submitted to Anne Dubie at [email protected] at least two weeks prior to training. If you have any questions, contact your VTPBIS State TA.


Targeted Level Orientation Webinar – January (for the Spring training) or Spring (for the June training).

This orientation webinar is required for PBIS school coordinators and SU/District coordinators before attending VTPBIS Targeted Level Leadership Team Training. The agenda will include:

  • Overview of PBIS Targeted Level within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports
  • Plan for Sustaining Universal PBIS efforts
  • Highlight systems needed at Targeted Level
  • Discuss who needs to be involved in planning at the systems and student planning levels
  • Preview Inventory/Self-Assessment
  • Preview Check-In/Check-Out and Teacher Check/Connect and Expect
  • Preview Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Plan for Targeted Training
  • Plan for SWIS CICO (optional)


Family Engagement at the Targeted Level Module – Online Training

  • As a leadership team, view the Family Engagement at the Targeted Level online module. The link to this module will be sent to you after the Targeted Orientation Webinar.

STEP 3: 

VTPBIS Targeted Leadership Team Training 


June Training at the BEST/VTmtss Virtual Summer Institute – Link for Details and Registration Available March 5

For Eligible VTPBIS School Leadership Teams

School leadership teams that have implemented School-wide VTPBIS with Fidelity are eligible to attend this 2-day training on the targeted level of VTPBIS. This training will provide the content and facilitation needed to support school teams in preparing for implementation at the targeted level. VTPBIS targeted school leadership teams will:

  • Increase knowledge and fluency about the targeted level of VTPBIS;
  • Identify the function, responsibilities and role of the VTPBIS targeted team;
  • Inventory the formal and informal targeted supports currently available, identify gaps and prioritize practices for implementation;
  • Understand Check-In, Check-Out and plan for implementation; and
  • Develop an understanding of other critical components needed to fully implement the Targeted Level.

Who should attend?  School Leadership Teams including the administrator, the PBIS school coordinator, individuals with behavior skills and others.

STEP 4: Follow-Up Coaching

  • Your State TA will help you arrange with a VTPBIS coach for 10 hours of follow-up implementation coaching to help install PBIS at the Targeted level.

STEP 5: Targeted Learning Series

Want More Resources?

Watch a recorded webinar to get a better overview, review our training PowerPoint slides, or use any of our other implementation resources and tools to get started.