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What is PBIS at the Targeted Level?

Targeted PBIS systems and practices provide increased opportunities for instruction, feedback, and home communication to promote success for the 10-15% of students who need support in addition to those provided by Universal implementation.

Targeted supports are designed to prevent the development or decrease the frequency and/or intensity of students’ concerning behaviors. They provide standardized interventions that effectively and efficiently support students, yet do not require the time and resources needed to develop individualized plans. Specific Targeted interventions include Check-In/Check-out; Teacher Check, Connect, and Expect; social skills groups; and self-management supports. All Targeted supports have the following features:

  • Continuously available
  • Accessible within 72 hours of referral
  • Continuously monitored
  • Aligned with school-wide expectations
  • Built on Universal implementation
  • Require minimal time commitment from teachers
  • All school personnel are aware of the interventions and their roles within the process
  • Matched to the function of the student’s behavior
  • Students choose to participate
  • Consistently implemented with most students, but with some flexibility

Getting Involved at the Targeted Level

The Targeted PBIS Training supports school teams in building and implementing (or refreshing) a system of Targeted supports based on strong Universal foundations. Prior to the training, teams: (1) review the Universal foundations already in place and make plans to strengthen the Universal implementation and (2) complete some introductory activities to prepare themselves for the Targeted training. Teams leave the training ready to implement Check-in/Check-out and/or Teacher Check, Connect, and Expect, and will have been introduced to other Targeted supports that can be implemented in the future. Restorative principles and equity considerations are infused throughout the training. 

If you would like to attend the VTPBIS Targeted Level training, there are a series of steps that your school and supervisory union or district must take. To learn more about these steps, contact your VTPBIS State TA and use the Targeted Level Readiness Checklist to track the completion of readiness steps. This checklist needs to be submitted to Anne Dubie at [email protected] at least two weeks prior to training.