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VTPBIS Coaches

VTPBIS Coaches have been trained in features of PBIS implementation and have been approved by the VTPBIS State Team. They have experience providing both coaching and training supports to schools and SU/SDs. VTPBIS Coaches are available to support schools/SUs/SDs in fidelity of PBIS evidence-based practices and development of local implementation capacity. Specific functions include:

  • Supporting leadership teams in promoting fidelity implementation of systems, data and practices following Universal, Targeted or Intensive level trainings;
  • Analyzing and providing feedback about student outcomes and PBIS fidelity data;
  • Supporting school/SU/SD leadership teams in correcting specific implementation dips as determined by fidelity assessments (BoQ, BAT, SAS, TFI);
  • Providing onsite professional learning opportunities in revitalizing VTPBIS Features;
  • Supporting new administrators as leaders in PBIS implementation at their schools; and
  • Responding to specific requests for assistance from schools/SUs/SDs

How can schools/SUs/SDs access VTPBIS State-Approved Coaches?

Below is a list of recommended steps to follow when considering contracting with a VTPBIS State Approved Coach:

  1. Prior to the start of the school year, contact your VTPBIS State TA to review the needs of your SU/SD/School as well as possible resources to meet these needs.
  2. Review the VTPBIS Coach Fee: $80/hour plus mileage.
  3. Coordinate with your central office Grants Coordinator to use local funds or to apply for BEST/Act 230 funds, which are available to support a VTPBIS Coach. BEST/Act 230 application information can be found at:
  4. Click here to contact a VTPBIS State-Approved Coach.
  5. Click here for a sample VTPBIS scope of work agreement.

Are you interested in becoming a VTPBIS State-Approved Coach?  

Click here for more information and to access the Coaches Application.