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VTPBIS State Technical Assistance (TA) Providers

VTPBIS State TAs are representatives of the VTPBIS State Team who are available to help SU/SDs and schools navigate the process of exploring, implementing and sustaining VTPBIS.  Support is available through technology (ie. online mtgs.) and/or 1-2 site visits

Beginning the Summer of 2016, the VTPBIS TA structure will be organized to provide three types of TA to VTPBIS schools and SU/SDs. (See graphic on right)

1. SYSTEMS: Specific supports include:Determining readiness for VTPBIS training at all tiers;

  • Identifying other VTPBIS Professional Learning opportunities;
  • Seeking resources to support VTPBIS implementation; and
  • Understanding how to access VTPBIS Coaches/Trainers

2. DATA: Specific supports include:

  • Understanding and using the VTPBIS data tools (School-wide Evaluation Tool; Self-Assessment Survey, SWIS, etc.);
  • Support for SWIS implementation;
  • Assistance with problem solving using data; and
  • Developing and sharing data with stakeholders

3. PRACTICES: Specific supports include:

  • Implementing PBIS with fidelity at all tiers;
  • Identifying evidence-based practices; and
  • Consultation about implementation dips

Click HERE for TA Regional Map.