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VTPBIS State Technical Assistance (TA) Providers

VTPBIS State TAs are representatives of the VTPBIS State Team who are available to help SU/SDs and schools navigate the process of exploring, implementing, and sustaining VTPBIS.  Support is available through technology (ie. online mtgs.) and up to two site visits per year. TAs will specifically reach out for the following reasons:

  • To establish a relationship with the VTPBIS school/SU/SD leadership teams;
  • To assist in readiness activities for VTPBIS training;
  • To support schools newly trained at the Universal, Targeted, and Intensive levels;
  • To orient new school leaders to the VTPBIS Network and accompanying resources;
  • To share observations about fidelity and student outcome data 2-3 times per year;

Schools may contact TAs at any time to seek support in the following areas:

1. SYSTEMS: Specific supports include:

  • Determining readiness for VTPBIS training at all tiers;
  • Identifying other VTPBIS Professional Learning opportunities;
  • Seeking resources to support VTPBIS implementation; and
  • Understanding how to access VTPBIS Coaches/Trainers

2. DATA: Specific supports include:

  • Understanding and using the VTPBIS data tools (School-wide Evaluation Tool; Tiered Fidelity Inventory; Self-Assessment Survey; SWIS, etc.);
  • Assistance with problem solving using data; and
  • Assistance with developing and sharing data with stakeholders

3. PRACTICES: Specific supports include:

  • Implementing PBIS with fidelity at all tiers;
  • Identifying evidence-based practices; and
  • Consultation about implementation dips

Click here to find the TA Provider for your school.