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What is PBIS at the Intensive Level?

The Intensive level of VTPBIS is designed to provide a continuum of individualized, comprehensive, and team-based interventions for students with complex issues whose needs have not been adequately addressed with less intensive PBIS interventions at the Universal and Targeted levels.

Students receiving supports at the Intensive Level of PBIS also access the interventions and supports in place at the Universal and Targeted Levels but may need further assessment and individualized planning. 

School Leadership teams:

  • Refine and strengthen an Inventory of Targeted practices that can be adapted for individualized supports;
  • Increase knowledge and fluency about the Intensive Level of VTPBIS with a restorative approach lens;
  • Identify the systems functions, responsibilities, and roles at the Intensive Level;
  • Understand the features of individualized supports, including:
  1. Teaming
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Assessment
  4. Intervention(s)
  5. Evaluation
  • Intentionally explore ways to involve students and their family members meaningfully in goal-setting and intervention design;
  • Develop strategies for building effective Behavior Support Plans;
  • Explore the data systems needed to facilitate effective Behavior Support Plans; and
  • Plan for the roll-out of the Intensive level that supports equitable access to all students.

Who should attend:

  • School leadership team participants should include: the principal and/or assistant principal, school PBIS coordinator, Supervisory Union/Supervisory District PBIS coordinator, special educator/s, classroom teacher/s, staff member trained in FBA, other representative staff members, and, if possible, caregiver/parent/guardian representative. This training is also appropriate for Teams who previously attended this training and who want an Intensive refresher training.

Getting Involved at the Intensive Level

If you would like to attend the VTPBIS Intensive Level training, there are a series of steps that your school and supervisory union or district must take. To learn more about these steps, contact your VTPBIS State TA and use the Intensive Level Readiness Checklist to track the completion of readiness steps. This checklist needs to be submitted to Anne Dubie at [email protected] at least two weeks prior to training.


Want More Resources?

Watch a recorded webinar to get a better overview, review our training Power Point slides, or use any of our other implementation resources and tools to get started.