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The SAS is used by school staff for initial and annual assessment of effective behavior support systems in their school. The survey examines the status and need for improvement of four behavior support systems: (a) school-wide discipline systems, (b) non-classroom management systems (e.g., cafeteria, hallway, playground), (c) classroom management systems, and (d) systems for individual students engaging in chronic problem behaviors. Each question in the survey relates to one of the four systems. Survey results are summarized and used for a variety of purposes including:

  1. annual action planning,
  2. internal decision making,
  3. assessment of change over time,
  4. awareness building of staff, and
  5. team validation.

The survey summary is used to develop an action plan for implementing and sustaining effective behavioral support systems throughout the school (see “Developing an SAS Annual Action Plan”). 

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Completing the Self-Assessment Survey

Pre-Implementation Self-Assessment Survey

All school personnel complete the online Self-Assessment Survey following PBIS First Steps to Implementation Training and prior to PBIS Universal Leadership Team training. You will receive information from Anne Dubie who will give you your school’s link and instructions for completing this online survey.

Annual Self-Assessment Survey

Every year PBIS school personnel will complete the online Self-Assessment Survey in January – March. You will receive a reminder when it is time to complete the survey from Anne Dubie.

Directions for Completing the Self-Assessment Survey:

To log into PBIS Assessments please follow these NEW Instructions:

  1. From your preferred internet browser type in the website address to access PBISApps
  2. Once at PBIS Apps, click on PBIS Applications Login located in the black bar (app bar) at the top of the screen
  3. Enter the email address and password associated with the PBIS Assessment account. Please Note the following:
  • IF you currently have access to SWIS, your login E-mail Address for is the same as your SWIS Login
  • IF you do not have access to SWIS, you were added to your school’s PBIS Apps account and should have received an “Welcome to PBIS Assessment” e-mail indicating you had 48 hours to setup your password. If you were unable to setup your password within that time frame, you can setup your password by: Clicking on the PBIS Application Login and Clicking “Change Password”

4. Login

5.  Once logged in, slide over tot the left side of the app bar and click on PBIS Assessment to access the PBIS Assessment account dashboard (this page will automatically appear)

To access and share the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) link, from the Dashboard:

  1. Click the SAS from the Survey’s Currently Open section
  2. Locate your school taking the survey and click Link
  3. Highlight the URL and copy it, or click the Copy URL button to copy the link to your clipboard
  4. Click Close
  5. Paste the copied link in an email to anyone invited to submit a survey response

To take the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS):

  1. Copy and paste the received link into your preferred internet browser
  2. Enter the survey responses for the displayed section
  3. Click the >> to move to the next page
  4. Click the Submit Survey button at the end of the survey to save the responses

Analyzing your Self-Assessment Survey Results

To help analyze and prioritize your SAS results, it is recommended that you use the following tool: SAS Summary Form

You will be able to access your SAS data approximately 24 hours after the SAS window closes.  If you’d like to view your SAS data prior to the close of the window, please contact Anne Dubie at [email protected] and she will close your window.  To view your SAS data in both table and graph form go to and use your login information. Follow these instructions to view your SAS data graphs:

  1. Login to PBIS Apps as instructed above
  2. Click the Report menu at the top of the screen
  3. Select Report Options from the left hand side of the screen
  4. Select the SAS from the drop down list
  5. Click Generate

Report Options Include:

  1. Select Surveys: Select a survey about which to report from the drop-down menu
  2. Report Type: Select Total Score, Subscale, Items, or Download from the drop-down menu to define which data to display related to the selected survey
  3. From Date: Select a school year from the drop-down menu as the starting school year from which data will be included in the report
  4. To Date: Select a school year from the drop-down menu as the last school year from which data will be included in the reports. Note: This school year must be the same as or after the selected From Date