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  • Secure multiple methods of two-way communication: email, telephone, postal mail, face-to-face, communication apps (e.g., REMIND, Blackboard). One way to find out the best methods for communicating with families is to ask them using this Stakeholder Satisfaction and Input Survey. This survey will help schools learn about the preferred methods of communication and obtain families/caregiver voice and agency about their extent of satisfaction with communication, respect, and behavioral support. Once you seek out the best methods for communication, it’s important to ensure that all family preferences for communication are implemented whenever possible;
  • Engage in honest and open communication with families about current school struggles and successes;
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with caregivers to build relationships and trust instead of the traditional open house back-to-school nights are not possible (or even if they are!);
  • Encourage families to ask these questions about safety, respect, and learning for their children at school to help schools know what they are doing now and what can be done differently;
  • Gather family voices using a school climate survey. One survey to consider is the PBIS School Climate Survey for Families. For more information and to set up a survey for your school, contact Anne Dubie;  
  • Include family members on a systems level and student teams such as EST & Tier 3 teams;
  • Consider using Making Families Feel Welcome, a research-based list of methods for helping families of all backgrounds feel welcome in the school community.
  • Promote family involvement through the joy of dance. Here is a list of ideas.