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Ensure that your process centers on equity and cultural responsiveness:

  • Access 

    • Communication supports are provided for students, staff, and family/caregivers who need them in order to participate/respond.
    • Students are provided with opportunities to respond and participate in their preferred language and in ways that are developmentally and culturally appropriate.
    • Invitations and opportunities for families/caregivers to participate and respond are offered in language that is understandable by a non-educator and in families’/caregivers’ preferred language.
  • Representation

    • School pays particular attention to inviting and gathering voice from students and  families/caregivers who are representative of the school’s demographics and any underserved populations.
    • Efforts are made to gather input beyond easily-accessed groups such as the student council or parent-teacher organization.
  • Meaningful Participation

    • Student and family/caregiver voice are gathered in meaningful and engaging ways that ensure and communicate that their voices are valued and needed.
  • High Outcomes 

    • Communicate to students, staff, and families/caregivers that the purpose of gathering this input is to improve the PBIS implementation and to support the goal of high outcomes for all students. 

Close the loop

  • Let students, staff, and families/caregivers know what you plan to do with their input.
  • Tell them how and when you will share what you have learned.
  • Let them know what you are going to do next.


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